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All bakery produce endorsed by Sweet Treats Bakery are made with 100% natural ingrediants approved by the FDA.

The foods sold through our site are provided by third parties, and not us. Therefore, we cannot provide any assurances that such foods will lack ingredients or traces of foods which you may have allergies to, even if the advertised food does not list such allergens. We are not liable for any mistakes on our Service or in the description provided by the supplier or restaurant or that the food will look like any photos on our Service. We also are not responsible if the food is not up to your liking, and we ask that you take up any concerns with the supplier.

What is Sweet Treats Bakery?
Sweet Treats Bakery is an online marketplace bringing the most delicious food in the country right to the doorstep of your home or office.
The restaurants and artisan producers featured on our site are a highly select group. Each has won awards, garnered high praise from critics and bloggers and, most important, gets rave reviews from passionate and loyal customers. Each prepares and serves up a menu of mouthwatering dishes. Each is equipped to ship their sensational food anywhere in the USA. And all are committed to delivering the highest level of care and customer service.
Sweet Treats Bakery is a curated national restaurant row. Learn about our Partner's rich and colorful histories, which you can savor and enjoy in the comfort of your home or office.
Sweet Treats Bakery is online and always open. No waiting in long lines. No struggling to make reservations. And no tips or corkage fees!

The Sweet Treats Bakery Story
The Sweet Treats Bakery team hails from different corners of the country but we share a common passion: the intense enjoyment of delicious food prepared and served by fabulous restaurants. Food inspires us. We are glued to the Food Network, scour food blogs, constantly try new recipes and spend hours researching which restaurants to visit when traveling new cities. And our most cherished memories are sharing great food adventures and experiences with our close friends and family.
About a year ago, one of our founders catered a super bowl party by placing an online order from a top Boston area seafood restaurant. When the shipment arrived on time and in perfect condition, our founder and his guests enjoyed a fabulous authentic New England seafood feast ... in Palo Alto, California!
But we found that searching the web for other top restaurants that offer online ordering and shipping was difficult and frustrating. A Google search for the best Maine lobster dishes or Texas barbecued brisket generated pages of unfiltered web site listings with no way of discerning which are the best options. Food lovers simply have no single trusted one stop site from which to shop, browse and order from a selection of the best gourmet and regional foods to be prepared and shipped to them by the top restaurants and other providers in America...until now.